Project: FORGE-IT, AFCAT, MetaL FACT – IFT program

ForgeIt Workflow

What is FORGE-IT?

FORGE-IT builds upon the documented successes of the FORGE-IT Team and supporting processes. From the core FORGE-IT Team we work with forging supply chain managers to exploit the benefits of forging including strength, toughness, fatigue resistance and affordability. Forgings are called upon when no other product form will do! However, supply chains may be in need of technical and enterprise assistance, and that’s where FORGE-IT shines.

Need Help?

The FORGE-IT process is executed by a team of seasoned experts providing solutions to forging design and acquisition problems. Team members have extensive experience in the forging and metallurgical industries.
If you have or are considering bidding on a DLA contract that contains a forging, and have a technical or enterprise-related question, FORGE-IT may be able to help. Please contact us at, and FORGE-IT will provide a prompt response!

Principal Investigator:


AFCAT: Aviation Forging and Casting Assistance Team

AFCAT is investigating, developing and deploying solutions to DLA Aviation. Located in Richmond, Virginia, AFCAT focuses primarily on aviation components containing forgings. AFCAT supports groups throughout DLA Aviation, supports their customers and suppliers, and provides workforce development opportunities.

MetaL FACT: Maritime and Land Forging and Casting Assistance Team

MetaL FACT is investigating, developing and deploying solutions to DLA Land and Maritime supply chains. Located in Columbus, Ohio, MetaL FACT targets land and maritime components containing forgings. MetaL FACT supports groups throughout Defense Supply Center, their customers and suppliers, and provides workforce development opportunities.

Available Tools

National Forging Tooling Database

The NFTD is designed to quickly link forging customers with forging suppliers. It is especially useful in locating forging dies for legacy systems. IHS’s Haystack Gold is the platform which hosts the NFTD exclusively. Contact IHS to subscribe to Haystack Gold.

FIA Custom Forging Producers

The FIA Custom Forging Producers list is an easy-to-use tool to find forges meeting your forging needs.

TVR Program Customer Guidelines

Customer Guidelines for DLA Troop Support Construction and Equipment: Metals Tailored Vendor Logistics Program.

FIA RFQ Service

The FIA Request for Quote service rapidly connects forging suppliers, for free. Submit your RFQ today.

Viewers for C4 Drawings

Below are two free software tools that enable forging supply chain managers to view C4 files which are 2-dimensional drawings. This will enable your organization to view the parts that the government is purchasing.

  • XnView is our current recommendation because it is multi-platform compatible.
  • ImageR is also available.

Technology Areas