FDMC programs are designed to create innovative solutions to reduce the disproportionate amount of unfilled orders issued by the Defense Logistics Agency as caused by shortcomings in forging supply chains. Via a portfolio of projects, the program is investigating, developing and deploying concepts to improve the quality, productivity and technology of the US forging industry. Ultimately, the FDMC teams are striving to implement this suite of solutions across industry and government to support the warfighter requiring forged components. Current FDMC programs include Innovative Forging Technologies (IFT) and Emergent Research and Development.

Vision Statement

FDMC is the interface between the Forging Industry Association (FIA) and government agencies to create and deploy integrated solutions to challenging technical and enterprise problems.

Mission Statement

Identify, investigate, develop, and deploy technical and enterprise solutions to improve capability and competitiveness of the forging industry in support of US government forging supply chains.
Facilitate timely and accurate information exchange and program coordination between the United States government agencies, non-government agencies, industry customers and suppliers.

Beliefs Statement

FDMC believes forgings provide unparalleled value to society in structural applications demanding strength, toughness and durability. Forging is a noble industry providing growth and prosperity to all contributing to forging supply chains. Both competition and collaboration prompt the industry in supplying the very best metal products in the world.

Value Statement

FIA Supports:
• Equal treatment amongst its members
• Competition amongst the respective members
ATI Values:
• Integrity
• Teamwork
• Service
• Passion