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Queen City Forging Logo

Rob Mayer, FDMC Chairman

Queen City Forging is an innovative manufacturing partner with over a century of forging experience. Queen City Forging does impression die forging, closed die forging, upset forging, impact hammer forging and press forging, using materials such as alloys, steel, aluminum, stainless and copper.

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Ulven Forging Incorporated Logo

Dan Ulven, Vice Chairman

Since the production of Ulven Forging Incorporated’s first shackle for a logging company in 1971, they have been making superior forgings. And Specialty products are made to customer specifications from handheld to parts weighing over a ton. Whether the quantity is for a few or for thousands, Ulven Forging makes them the same way – Exactly as you need them.

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ATI: Advanced Technology International Logo

Charles Edens, Executive Director

ATI lessens the burden of government by coordinating and executing our nation’s most innovative research initiatives. ATI leads diverse industry and academic organizations to develop technology solutions through a collaborative approach. ATI’s current R&D portfolio includes shipbuilding and ship repair, advanced materials, medical technologies, electromagnetic spectrum technologies and rapid prototyping. ATI currently manages over 12 large, federally-funded consortia with a contract value of more than $16 billion. ATI is headquartered in Summerville, SC.

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FIA: Forging Industry Association Logo

Jim Warren, EAB Member

The mission of FIA is to Improve Members Global Competitiveness. The area of focus are:

  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Global Networking
  • World Class Training and Education
  • Public Policy Advocacy
  • Driving Demand for North American Forgings
  • Developing and Transferring Technology

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specialty ring products logo

Alex Jennings, EAB Member

Specialty Ring Products, founded in 1890, is a family-owned business that has remained a leader in the forging industry. We attribute this enduring success to four generations of integrity, accountability, and an unyielding commitment to delivering the best possible products and services. As we have expanded into more demanding industries, our capabilities and expertise have grown to meet them. We continually refine our processes to deliver the highest quality forged rings available.

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Weber Metals: An Otto Fuchs Company Logo

Weston Gillfillan, EAB Member

Weber Metals is a full line aluminum and titanium forging supplier offering the shortest lead times in the industry with the highest quality products for:

  • Commercial aerospace
  • Military aerospace
  • Space programs
  • Jet Engine Components
  • Electronics/Semiconductor industry

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Dana Beyeler, EAB Member

ELLWOOD is a family company, founded in 1910 by David A. Evans and his brother, Jonathan A. Evans. We want our people to have the best tools, so we reinvest profits constantly to buy newer, safer, more productive equipment. Our customers are the world’s leading manufacturers of capital equipment. As their specifications for our products become increasingly demanding, we require state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality metals and components.

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Finkl Steel: Schmolz + Bickenbach Group Logo

Mike Manning, EAB Member

Finkl Steel is the world’s leading supplier of forging die steels, plastic mold steels, die casting tool steels and custom open-die forgings. Finkl Steel manufactures products at three production facilities in Chicago, Detroit and Sorel. They distribute domestically and to 18 countries worldwide. With more than 100 patents, their steel formulations and steelmaking technologies set worldwide standards. In recognition of Finkl Steel’s product quality, their integrated facilities were the first in America to receive ISO 9000 certification.

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Charles Edens

Pro-Fast Program Manager


Advanced Technology International
315 Sigma Drive
Summerville, SC 29486

Dean Hutchins

DLA Program Manager


DLA HQ, Logistics R&D (J335)
8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23297

Forging Industry Association (FIA)


1111 Superior Avenue
Suite 615
Cleveland, OH 44114

Tanya Timmons

FDMC Project Manager


Advanced Technology International
315 Sigma Drive
Summerville, SC 29486

Dekland Barnum

Forge-It Team Leader


Advanced Technology International
315 Sigma Drive
Summerville, SC 29486